* The structure is always to be considered for use by ospitabilita '(no tourist facilities to use) for leisure, cultural, landscape, food and non-requirement of primary dwelling. There is no withdrawal from the contract, even for serious reasons, once your lease. The owner or to whom he can visit the house during the period of stay dell'affittuario. The owner is exempt from liability for accidents occurring during normal use of the house.
     * Reservations. Reservations are considered effective only upon receipt by the owner of the relevant advance that should not be less than 30% of the lease period with relative email confirmation of my transaction, from that moment on the structure means prenotataIl lease contract means improved with the delivery of the house.
     * Payments. Within 3 days from the confirmation telephone (or via email) should reach an advance not inferore 30% (one entered in the request for rent). The balance will come at home delivery of cash. Who will leave after these terms without having made the payment will be considered rinunciatario and authorizes actually cancel the reservation. The price of the leases include the cost of water, electricity, gas. Upon arrival, customers will pay, in addition to deposit any other expenses if inserted at the time of booking.
     * Deposit. Upon arrival in to the customer is required to pay the price of € 200.00 for the establishment of a fund infruttifero guarantee fund that will be returned upon departure after deduction of any damage caused in the house. The deposit will be returned together with the return of keys and house and only after it has taken possession of the house. If because of a departure not communicated on time or at different times from those anticipated, it was not possible to the customers make the keys personally to the owner, the deposit will be returned at a later time by mail after quantitificato discomfort happened for failure delivery of the key.
     * Number of people. They can stay nell'immobile a number of people (adults and children) not exceeding that indicated at the time of booking. A number of people than that shown causes contextual termination of the contract without any burden of compensation. The tenant and responsible statements for the purposes of the rules of Public Security and must communicate the reservation to the owner its tax code and details of ID card.
     * Arrivals and departures. The arrivals take place before h. 18.00 the day. The departures will take place before h. 10.00 the day of departure. Any amendment to the schedule of arrival and departure should be agreed in advance with the owner of the house ol'incaricato and is subject to acceptance by the latter.
     * Facilities. The lodgings are provided with sufficient equipment and accessories for the persons mentioned at the time of booking. The bedding, bath and table, if it wants the client can lead personalmente.Gli appliances present in the house should be checked on arrival, the repair of any failures occurred during the tenancy are charged to customers.
     * Order and cleanliness. Houses are cleaned and delivered in order. The accessories are cleaning house; detergents, spugnette, is everything you need consumption are borne by customers. A delivery occurred, failures caused by the customer or routine maintenance (clogging toilets and sinks, secondments of taken, replacement of lamps fulminate, damage to equipment or the building, coprimaterassi and / or copriguanciali and / or stained bedspreads, kitchenware routes , Etc..) Will be charged to the customer and the amounts deducted directly from the deposit. In cases of doubt the owner ol'incaricato retain the deposit and return any difference with the receipt of expenditure for the rehabilitation addressed at a later time.
     * Undoing, amendments and recesses. a) All cancellations involving the loss of advance. b) Non-arrival; decorse 24 hours from the non-arrival and without communication received. c) Cancellations by the owner of the house. If the cancellation is due to expressed willingness or serious neglect that does not allow the use of any part of the stay will be reimbursed the money paid in part or in whole depending on the period of use, in any case eventual penalties charged to the owner can not exceed 30% of the amount of stay, excluding reimbursement for any other moral or material damage suffered by its customers. If the cancellation is due to force majeure that impede the smooth functioning of stay where they are not removed within 72 hours after the occurrence of or was not possible to change the house, will be repaid all amounts received for the stay or the Part of it is not taken with the exception of fees.
     * Complaints. Any failures must be immediately reported to the owner by telephone or all'incaricato house and will be repaired as soon as possible, but always consistent with availability of material and personnel in each location. Any complaints must be immediately reported to the owner or all'incaricato at most within 48 hours of arrival. In the absence of this or an explicit authorization our renters who leave the accommodation prematurely lose any right or a refund of rent not enjoyed. Any complaint reported at the end of your stay or after the departure will not be taken into any consideration.
     * Registrazioni.Tutti lease contracts inferore to 30 days, do not require registration tax and communication to the PS
     * Forum. Jurisdiction for any dispute will be the Forum of the Court Judge diCatania or peace in the area, according to various skills.

         Terms of payment are:

     * Within 3 days from the confirmation of the house, must be made a cross or a money order with at least 30% of that amount, then that, all gave good results with response by email by the owner (or someone for him) means finally booked the house ..
     * The balance must be made on delivery of the house in cash.
     * Deposit, is a sum that is due to the time of delivery to the owner of the house, is that is returned at the end of the lease if there are any damage to the structure.
     * The prices are included lease costs: Water, electricity, gas,
     * Costs extra Referring to the period of lease, there may be some extra costs (which must be specified at the time of rent), as the final cleaning, heating, garage, bathroom or bed, bed. Delivery of the house
     * We must call the owner 2 / 3 days prior to agree arrangements for delivery of the structure. - L 'tenant can' take possession of the property before h. 18.00 the day of arrival, and must leave the structure within h.10, 00 days of scheduled departure. Any changes to the timetable should be agreed upon and subject to acceptanc
e by the owner.